Want a special touch to surprise a loved-one? Hire Jon Shell for your wedding.

Tennesse Bagpipes is owned and operated by Jon Shell (former EUSPBA Champion of Champions)

Can you play bagpipes in cold weather?  I know Scotland is cold so why can’t you play in the cold?
Answer: One can play, most of the time, if it’s above freezing, but not for long.  What happens is that the hot air blown into the bagpipe condenses and makes the reeds wet.  When they freeze, the bagpipe doesn’t play anymore.  Besides, the fingers get too cold and it’s more difficult to seal the holes of the chanter. 

Do you wear the full uniform, kilt, jacket etc.?

Answer: Yes to all the above.  We provide not only top-notch piping but a fully authentic uniform. 

Why do we need a top piper? Can’t most anyone who has bagpipes and a kilt do just as good?
Answer: You get what you pay for. Trained pipers sound considerably better and can deal effectively with contingencies that will arise in any ceremony.  Jon and his students will endeavor to provide excellent music, no matter what contingencies might arise.

What area of the country do you normally play?
Answer: We usually play in the East Tennessee/Western North Carolina/Southwest Virginia area.  However, we have played up and down the East Coast as well, from Princeton University to Epcot/Disney World.